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94 rows · Vintage Score Drink Window Description; Vintage Score Drink Window Drink or hold: Description An early start to the season was followed by heavy frost, with summer warm and dry until August, when rain brought challenges. A tricky, high-acid vintage, with low sunshine and high rain. Despite this, July was extremely hot, skewing the average temperature to well above average. Yields were devastated, but Riesling quality is nonetheless promising when in expert hands. Amongst the greatest vintages, is proving very alluring at a very early stage.

55 rows · Successful Riesling and Pinot Gris; light-bodied and lithe in style. Gewürztraminer suffered . The vintage chart and harvest reports provided by the Wine Scholar Guild gives you the ranking for every French wine region and vintage from to today. Andrew Jefford, award-winning wine journalist for Decanter Magazine and author of twelve books on wine including The New France has compiled information and written the vintage charts.

latest vintage chart to get an idea of what Clare Valley Riesling 96 90 92 93 87 95 93 92 89 91 93 89 88 94 88 88 87 91 93 89 90 84 87 85 87 93 Download the Vintage Chart at The Wine Advocate Vintage Guide - Austria (Riesling & Grüner Veltliner) Irregular, even among the best wines. 89I Austria (Riesling & Grüner Veltliner) Portugal Vintage Port. Still tannic, youthfull, or slow to mature. 91T Portugal Vintage Port.

The latest up-to-date wine information on Mosel Vintages. July 15, Mosel Vintage | Victory from the Jaws of Defeat. is a vintage of contrast, with a start from hell and yet, in the end, some gorgeous wines including classics cut along the canon of the mythical vintage >>>. Jan 02,  · That’s why we’ve created our Wine Enthusiast Vintage Chart, profiling 25 years of wine vintages from every region around the globe, in an easy-to-read format that will tell you at a glance Author: Wine Enthusiast.