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Jun 12,  · Malaysian minister implicated in gay sex video, prompting comparisons with Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy scandal Sign in/up. Hong Kong In Malaysia, same-sex sexual relations are illegal. Jun 12,  · KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia has been rocked by claims that a Cabinet minister was allegedly featured in three short video clips engaging in sexual acts .

Jul 08,  · Hundreds of people have called for Malaysia’s Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali to resign over a gay sex video scandal. More than demonstrated in the capital of Malaysia. Sep 05,  · The ‘Video Terkini Azmin (Azmin’s latest video)’ was set up at am. The video contained within was split into six three-minute clips and appears to be from the same video sent to reporters repeatedly over the past few months. READ MORE: Minister target of sex clip campaign.

Jun 13,  · Malaysia's Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali yesterday vehemently denied he was the man in a widely circulated gay-sex video that has rocked the country's politics, saying the Author: HAZLIN HASSAN. Jun 12,  · Malaysia’s Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali claimed the video and accompanying accusations of corruption were the latest in a series of concerted attempts over the past few months to .

Jun 12,  · Malaysia's economic affairs minister Mohamed Azmin Ali on Wednesday denied links to a sex video purporting to show him with a man, saying the allegation was an attempt to Author: Reuters Editorial.