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Oct 23,  · I know studies have suggested that height or body size and penis size have no correlation. But i wonder what they would get if they took a sample group of people with a height of 5'10" or shorter and 5'10" and taller. I mean this black NBA and NFL players most have huge dongs i mean there just genetic freaks in general. Jan 18,  · It’d take Gene a few more concerts and a lot more Viagra, however, to come close to the world’s most famous sports penis of all time: Wilt the Stilt’s. By his own account, Wilt had four times the amount of soirees of the Kiss bass player. With all that fornicating, it’s amazing he had time to suit up for basketball games.

Apr 21,  · And as for basketball players I know of two tall players who gave small packages. They are LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Regardless of one's height, race, or penis size, I wish people would understand that your penis size is not a personal accomplishment. It is what it is. You didn't earn it or achieve. You either got a big one or a small. Dec 21,  · Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning and Alex Rodriguez, they are giants of their games. Lebron James towers on the basketball court, Michael Phelps is a tall drink of water in the pool, Peyton Manning reigns tall on the football field and Alex Rodriguez is at the height of his game on the baseball diamond.

LeBron James accidentally exposed his manhood on national TV last night while trying to tuck in his pants, but he’s not alone! Whether someone was doing a locker room interview, running on the. He might wear a size eight shoe compared to a size thirteen. But his penis might only be a fraction of an inch shorter. I have often seen penises on short men that were as big, or bigger, than those of most professional basketball players. Of far more importance, given the concerns of most men, is .