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mature age employees - Keeping mature-age workers on the job

Jun 04,  · Employees are an investment for any business. Hiring a mature aged worker can be a great investment, bringing many years of experience and knowledge. Mature aged workers have often built up knowledge and skills during their time in the workforce, so they can help you to: . Jan 14,  · The workforce is aging as baby boomers move toward retirement. Gen X managers need to learn how to motivate and manage this talent pool of older generations have very different views of the other and will need to learn how the other generation operates.

Mature age employees. For every new young person entering the labour market today, there are seven workers aged over 45 years available. However, these workers should not be regarded as a homogenous group and subjected to stereotyping; there are bigger differences within each age group of the workforce than between them. Oct 20,  · More than half of the employees are under 30 years of age. ( words.) Conclusion: (Give your own opinion and explain it) In conclusion, I think that to a company needs the wisdom and experience of mature employees and zest, energy and technical know-how of young teammates to be sustainable and grow responsibly.

May 08,  · One of the biggest disadvantages of hiring a more mature employee in this day and age is that they are less likely to embrace all the modern technology. Nowadays, more and more companies are introducing new, cutting edge technology which a mature person may struggle to pick up.