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Another ancient education innovator, Aristotle, embraced the Greek version of liberal arts curriculum and emphasized natural sciences, biology, botany, physiology, and zoology. He studied with Plato for 20 years at the Academy and eventually joined him and Socrates in Western education history. Western education may be defined in various ways. Metaphysical and Epistemic Description. One of these methods of definition is in terms of the nature and sources of the metaphysical and epistemic roots of knowledge that structure an educational curriculum.

The History of Adult Education Timeline created by Nadi Bishop. In History. Apr 12, American Civil War The Civil War begins and there is increasing pressure to educate Black adults and children (not just freed Blacks) Black had suffered at the hands of discrimination and had been excluded completely from formal education at this point. Adult Education and the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. He retired This “American heritage” history traces the roots of federal involvement in adult education in order to place federal adult education acts into historical perspective. This history is one of many.

Overview of Community Education classes at WWCC. Community Education supports the following aspect of WWCC's mission: Western's fundamental purpose is to provide high quality learning opportunities to students who are at various stages of life and have differing needs and expectations. Brazilian adult educator, Paulo Freire, died Friday, May 2, , of a heart attack. He was 75 years old. His legacy of commitment, love and hope to American educators can be found in the critical pedagogy which infuses hundreds of "grass roots" organizations, college classrooms, and most recently school reform efforts in major urban areas.

People who searched for History of Adult Education: Info on Adult Education Programs found the following information and resources relevant and helpful. Education was seen as a vehicle through which western cultures can be fostered or promoted in the African continent by its colonizers. This arrangement viewed Africans as having little or no knowledge of their own, which meant they had to learn advanced, organised, systematic or sophisticated skills. Therefore, education in.