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PROTEX MEDICAL has been supplying your needs for 22 years and proudly proclaim the #1 spot as the largest USA supplier of re-useable incontinent products such as Rubber Pants, Plastic Pants, Latex Pants and Vinyl Pants. PROTEX MEDICAL. is shipping worldwide everyday. Remember, when you place an order with us, that order is shipped within 48 hours, except weekends. VRC Protx Contacts The technical service team of VRC Protx combines the expertise of the Sales Consultants and Customer Service contacts that you currently work with today with the expertise of all our Engineers, Quality Control Foremen and Technicians who are dedicated in maintaining industry leading process safety with shop and on-site technical service.

VRC Protx keeps equipment and processes operating and safe. Through knowledgeable people, quality products and innovative solutions, we respond quickly to challenges, making your life easier. Protx is a modern proactive company, and a leading pioneer in specialist coatings. The company undertakes a wide range of work including, thermal spraying, powder coating, spray finishing, blast cleaning and alloy wheel repairs.

Protxs® Smart Shield. The Smart Shield is the worlds first EMF, RF & WIFI radiation shield that shows measurable changes in the living organisms and liquids. Easy to install on all your devices giving you and your family protection from Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, Electric Wires, Electrical Devices, Tablets, Computers, and Mobile Phones. About Us. XProTeX challenges traditional methods of sports protection with the latest in advanced materials and a cutting-edge approach. Our designs bring technology and innovations from extreme sports to team sports.