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Marketing Adult Education Programs: An Overview. Whether you're interested in learning marketing techniques that will help you to promote your business or would like a career in the corporate. For adult learners, outcomes illustrated by alumni testimonials, job placement numbers, or career advancement are a top decision criteria. Apply these strategies to your graduate program pages. All of these messaging strategies apply to your adult and graduate marketing efforts – from print brochures to television to your website. You can.

Successfully marketing to adult students requires a college or university to go beyond simply having resources available. Those resources must be optimized to enhance the student’s experience, and designed in such a way that they felt understood. With a majority of college students falling into. Recognize the Emotions of Adult Learners and Non-Traditional Students. From an emotional perspective, many adult learners do not approach returning to college to complete a degree with the same motivation or enthusiasm of an year old looking for a 4-year residential experience.

A variation of social marketing has emerged as a systematic way to foster more sustainable behavior. Referred to as community-based social marketing (CBSM) by Canadian environmental psychologist Doug McKenzie-Mohr, CBSM strives to change the behavior .