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Fun Family Reunion Games List. Adult Games. Adults need some adult time once in awhile, and a family reunion is the perfect chance to get that in! Group Games: Family reunions are about spending time with family, so the more family you can spend it with, the better. This means planning a few games that are good for everyone to play. Top 10 Family Reunion Games. START COUNTDOWN NEXT. Start the Countdown. Family reunions are a great way to reconnect with relatives. Games and fun activities make for good icebreakers. Because kids are so easy to entertain, and because games for adults are harder to find, the activities included here are appropriate for a wide range of Author: Nathan Chandler & John Kelly.

Home > Camping Articles > 10 Fun Family Reunion Games. 10 Fun Family Reunion Games. By Michelle Valenti Quick tip: This is one of the best family reunion activities to record with a video camera and watch at future reunions. Story Time. This is a great activity for the campfire. Ask everyone prepare a story about someone else in advance. Family Reunion Party Games Family reunions are always a good time. The games and activities you can play are endless. Picnics offer the most options. Get everyone from Aunt Mary to the newest addition involved in the fun. The little ones love to play in the kiddy pool.

May 13,  · The best family reunion games - these family reunion activities are sure to be a hit among all ages! Family reunion games can make a family reunion even more memorable – here are some of our most-loved games from past reunions that you can easily replicate! Fun Family Games. Find and save ideas about Family Reunion Games on Pinterest. See more ideas about Reunions, Family reunion activities and Family picnic games.

Whether small or large, family reunions bring together relatives who may not have seen each other in a long time or possibly never met. Icebreaker games allow adult family members to get acquainted and catch up without feeling too much pressure or anxiety. Most group games help .