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Duties of Parents/Caregivers in Vojta Therapy. Since parents or caregivers perform the therapy several times a day, they play a decisive role in Vojta Therapy. In the treatment of adult patients, Vojta Therapy can be performed by a spouse, life partner or someone close. In this instance, therapy is, as a rule, performed several times a week. Although the emphasis of Vojta’s work was initially directed to pediatrics, he very soon recognized that the treatment could also be applied to neurological problems in adult patients. However, Vojta Therapy is most effective in patients under the age of six months, an Alma mater: Charles University.

Jan 26,  · Cerebral Palsy and Vojta Therapy. toermalijn.info is the first Vojta therapy practitioner in New York City. Vojta Therapy is considered a therapy of choice for treatment of children with developmental motor delay and Cerebral palsy in toermalijn.info: Doctor. Vojta Therapy - Adolescents and Adults: A-Course at SMNRC. 10 August –Open Ceremony Vojta Therapy in treatment of Movement disturbed Adolescents and adults A-Course during August at Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Centre (SNMRC) This is the first time to practice the treatment of movement disturbed adults in Thailand.

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