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YMCA adult swimming classes are available at multiple branches and include classes for beginners, advanced swimmers and seniors. The Red Cross offers adult swim lessons through our innovative, learn-at-your-own-pace Learn-to-Swim program. Developed for older teens and adults, our program gives adult swimmers at every level the opportunity to improve their skills in a safe environment – and under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Adult Masters (Tri) Swimming. Led by highly trained coaches, our Masters or “Tri” Swimming program is for adults looking to improve their technique, get in a great workout or hit their best tri time. These swimming workouts are designed and planned for adults who swim for fitness, competition and triathlon training. To help you choose a workout that fits your fitness and swimming level, the swim workouts are divided into the following categories: 10 Beginner swimming workouts ; 20 Intermediate swimming workouts ; 20 Advanced swimming workouts.

Swimming is great exercise, but it's not the only workout you'll need as a serious swimmer. Remember to maintain your swimming technique with regular swimming drills. To build and maintain your overall physical conditioning, add some dryland strength work and stretching to your workout. Adult Swim Programs at the Y Whether you're learning to swim or looking for a unique fitness class, the YMCA has an aquatics program that will help improve your fitness and swimming abilities. Get ready to dive right in to a fun new workout in the water.