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Past, current, and future hydration status should always be considered when prescribing maintenance fluids, as under-dosing will lead to dehydration and renal insufficiency, and over-dosing may lead to fluid overload and edema in some patients. Note: Infusion rate = total fluid volume per day ÷ 24 hour. Other Calculators: Creatinine Clearance & GFR All-in-One Calculator; Pediatric Renal Function Calculator; BMI, Ideal Body Weight and BSA All-in-One Calculator ; Anion Gap Calculator; Sodium Correction for Glucose Calculator.

The aim when giving routine maintenance fluids is to provide enough fluid and electrolytes to meet insensible losses (– ml), maintain normal status of body fluid compartments and enable renal excretion of waste products (– ml.). sources of fluid and electrolytes (oral, enteral and drug prescriptions) Monitor and reassess fluid and biochemical status by clinical and laboratory monitoring No No Algorithms for IV fluid therapy in adults ‘Intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital’, NICE clinical guideline (December Last update December ).

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