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Jun 25,  · How To Throw A Harry Potter Party For An Adult Blog. I threw a Harry Potter birthday party for my girlfriend. If you are looking for inspiration for your own party, perhaps one for an adult, check out the photos. Scroll to the bottom for explanation of each element. Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Kids and Toddlers: If your little one adores the Wizarding World, why not let them dress as their favorite witch or warlock? We have Harry Potter character costumes for boys, girls and toddlers so everyone can join in on the fun. Best of all, our Hogwarts costumes look just like the real thing.

Jul 20, Inspiration links and also pictures from the Harry Potter themed birthday party I hosted. See more ideas about Harry potter birthday, Harry potter books and Harry potter christmas. While J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter book series as a set of children's stories, there are countless devoted fans who are adults, as well. Whether it's Halloween or you just have some like-minded friends coming over, a Harry Potter party can be an enjoyable theme for your friends to experience.

There are so many HP tips, tricks, and ideas out there, but only one Ultimate List of Harry Potter Party Ideas – right here. If you want to put on the best Harry Potter Party, keep reading this list of 55 Magical Harry Potter Party Ideas to Help You Throw the Best HP Party Ever! For more Harry Potter Party inspiration, check out the following:Author: Sarahbloomsblog. Jul 19,  · As a proud member of the Harry Potter Generation, I’ve done my fair share of Potter partying, including a themed movie marathon and two full-fledged, over-the-top parties. One of the great things about Harry Potter is the fact that it’s not age restrictive, meaning this party we’re planning together can be aimed at adults or kids. Or both.