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Puppy Training, Adult Dog Training, Dog Behavior Modification. This is your complete resource for your dogs training information. Learn about puppy training, dog obedience training, dog behavior modification, dog care and canine problem solving, clicker training, dog agility training, grooming and dog care, canine communication and dog training and safety tips. Dog Behavior Modification “Having had first-hand experience with Courteous Canine, Inc. of Tampa’s methods while attending their Control Unleashed course with my own very fearful and reactive dog, it has not only helped me and my pet, but has given me so much insight to .

Apr 30,  · As the words imply, behavior modification entails modifying a dog's behavior for the purposes of increasing or decreasing wanted and unwanted behaviors. Behavior modification programs are employed by dog behavior specialists and range from Reviews: Behavior Modification. Sometimes, when a puppy or adult dog displays unusual behavioral problems such as dog to dog aggression or dog to human aggression, anxiety and what are known as stereotypical behaviors – excessive licking, tail chasing, noise phobias, etc. — there can be a medical condition causing the behavior.

Behavior Modification in Action. Meet two dogs who displayed food bowl aggression and were helped by behavior modification. Billie: Adult Dog with Food Aggression. Watch how the Food Guarding Program protocol addressed this dog's food guarding behavior. Bobbi: Food Modification Was Born! Bobbi was a puppy at the Wisconsin Humane Society who.