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Celebrities & Fan FictionPirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean The pirate had relished charting the unexplored topography of his beautiful boy's body. From stem to stern, Jack had left not an inch untouched or unkissed. Will had come twice under Jack's mastery: once by his skilful hand and again as Jack's sinful mouth had. YOU ARE READING. The son of Davy Jones (pirate of the Caribbean fan fiction) Fanfiction. Youre name is (Y/N) Jones youre father is Davy Jones himself and youre mother is the woman he fell in love with Calipso but some pirates know her as Tia Dalma you were born before Davy Jones became full of tentacles (you know what i mean) and no o.

FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav Pirates of the Caribbean: harry Jones. By: dexel When harry James potter is 7 he disappears from his relatives house, hundreds of years before in the Caribbean, the infamous pirate Davy Jones finds a small boy in the ocean . Murtogg (Pirates of the Caribbean) James Norrington; Mullroy (Pirates of the Caribbean) Weatherby Swann; Anamaria (Pirates of the Caribbean) Original Female Character(s) Summary. The lights dimmed even more, till just the screen was lighting up, getting brighter and brighter with every passing moment. “Ok, something is seriously off here.