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Adult ADHD is characterized by symptoms related to learning, focus, and attention. Click here to learn about legal Issues involved in Adult ADHD Travis Peeler. Feb 21,  · As a side effect of ADHD medications, children and adults may face an increased risk of heart problems, including possible sudden death. The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk previously reviewed the potential for ADHD lawsuits on behalf of users of ADHD drugs who have suffered one of the following injuries. Heart Attack.

A series of lawsuits related to the use of Ritalin were brought during the late s and early s, coincident with the campaign against ADHD and stimulant medication for children spearheaded. ADD and ADHD are also being diagnosed in adults more and more, and it can lead to various issues in the workplace. What is ADD and ADHD Workplace Discrimination? ADD and ADHD workplace discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an employee due to their ADD or ADHD Author: Jose Rivera.

Nov A New England study on ADHD shows that the number of adult women diagnosed with ADHD is 21% higher than adult men age The study also reveals that there are 8 million adults . Sep 14,  · Not the Answer I Was Looking For. Each case regarding ADHD must be decided individually during a “legal event” (lawsuit). For example, in Calef Gillette Co., a worker with ADHD claiming a wrongful firing due to disability discrimination was found to be not this case, the court found the employee did not have an impairment that substantially limited one or more of his.

The Ritalin class-action lawsuits were a series of federal lawsuits in , filed in five separate US states. All five lawsuits were dismissed by the end of The lawsuits alleged that the makers of methylphenidate (brand name Ritalin) and the American Psychiatric Association had conspired to invent and promote the disorder ADHD to create a highly profitable market for the drug. Sep 13,  · Hey my name is Marcus Duhart I was on risperdal when I was younger because I was diagnosed with ADHD and from me taking it over the years when I was younger has effected me all though my adult hood with gyno in my chest im a pretty fit guy so it was very noticeible to me I had no idea about a lawsuit for this until one day a friend seen it and.